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AISD Celebrates Bus Safety Oct. 20–24

The Austin Independent School District willjoin other school districts and transporting agencies throughout the nation in celebrating the importance of National School Bus Safety and Transportation Employees Appreciation Week Oct. 20–24.

This year’s theme, “At my Stop, you Stop” reminds motorists to stop when a school bus has its red warning lights flashing for students to load and unload.

More than 650 transportation employees are dedicated to providing safe transportation to about 22,000 AISD students riding over 400 school buses each day. National studies show school buses are the safest method for transporting young people–up to 22 times safer than passenger cars.

“Ensuring the safety of students as they enter and exit the bus is crucial,” said Director of Transportation Kris Hafezi.“We are training our bus drivers to be cautious, but we need help from parents and motorists to make sure they watch out for school buses stopped to load and unload children.”

AISD’s Transportation Departmentoffers the following tips to parents to remind students to practice these guidelines while getting on and off the bus. 

  1. Always remain in direct eyesight of the bus driver.
  2. Get to the bus stop in plenty of time. Always arrive at least 5 minutes prior to pick up.
  3. Take 10 giant steps back from the curb while waiting for the bus and 10 steps away from the street when exiting the bus.
  4. Never try to get back on the bus to retrieve something after exiting.
  5. Never reach underneath the bus.
  6. Always follow the driver’s directions for how to cross the street.
  7. Be alert to traffic and look both ways before crossing the street.
  8. Always cross in front of the bus, but only when the bus driver signals it is safe to do so.

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