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AISD Board of Trustees Votes on Final Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations

Austin, TX—Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to approve five Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations, including expanding dual language immersion programs, addressing overcrowding in north central elementary schools and creating an in-district charter to strengthen graduation pathways.

Below are the Annual Academic and Facilities Recommendations that were approved for 2012-13 implementation:


  1. Expand dual language immersion programs to four additional schools

Establish a one-way Chinese dual language immersion program at Doss Elementary School and two-way Spanish dual language immersion programs at Blanton, Casey and Galindo elementary schools.

A one-way dual language immersion model supports one language group. A two-way dual language immersion classroom comprises half native English speakers and the other half native speakers of the other language. For example, a two-way Spanish dual language immersion classroom includes native English and native Spanish speakers. The U.S. State Department has listed Chinese as a critical language for our global economy.

Recommendation passed unanimously by a 9 to 0 vote.


  1. Replace the Alternative Learning Center and Alternative Learning Center for Elementary Students with Learning Support Center Mode

Campus administrators would not be permitted to remove a student for discretionary reasons unless the student is considered a safety concern. To serve students who are removed for discretionary reasons, additional teachers and counselors would be assigned based on campus and student need and related services. These staff members would be added to the existing Child Study Teams.

The district would enter into a contractual agreement with an outside provider to operate a Learning Support Center that would serve all students who are removed from the classroom for mandatory purposes, as well as students removed from the classroom for discretionary reasons if the student is considered to present a safety concern. If an outside provider is not identified, these students would continue to attend the Alternative Learning Center, but with a new delivery model that would include rigorous and aligned academic programming. Social and Emotional Learning through individual and group counseling, service learning projects, additional Child Study supports and mental health screening.

Recommendation passed unanimously by a 9 to 0 vote.


  1. Address overcrowding in north central elementary schools in the 2012-13 school year

Eliminate the sixth grade at Barrington, Brown and Walnut Creek elementary schools. Sixth grade students would attend middle school in their attendance area. Create a pre-kindergarten center at Dobie Middle School and move pre-kindergarten programs at Graham and Hart to Dobie. Make Webb a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade school and reassign part of the Barrington attendance zone to Webb. For pre-kindergarten, the remaining Barrington attendance area would be moved to Reilly. 

Recommendation passed with 7 votes.


  1. Designation of the 2008 Bond Program elementary school to provide relief for overcrowding in north central Austin

The recommendation to address overcrowding in north central elementary schools in the 2012-13 school year would alleviate overcrowding by an estimated 812 seats. For longer term relief, designate the 2008 Bond Program elementary school with a capacity of 669 students, either through the construction of a new school or the purchase and adaptive reuse of an existing facility.

Recommendation passed with 8 votes.


  1. Establish an In-District Charter with Responsive Education Solutions to operate a program at Travis and Lanier high schools for students who have dropped out or are at risk of dropping out

The graduation pathway program focuses on the learning process in learning centers. Emphasizing a personalized approach, the program delivers individual students a prescribed course of study. Using individualized curriculum plans, as well as direct teaching, paper-based curriculum and computer-based instruction, students recover credits, accelerate credit accrual and receive high dosage tutoring in math and other needed areas.

Recommendation passed with 7 votes.


Next steps on IDEA Public Schools proposal

The in-district charter vote with IDEA Public Schools was moved to December 19 to finalize contract language. Details of the meeting will be posted at

The community may learn more information about the approved recommendations by visiting the Facility Master Plan webpage at For more information, please contact the Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach at 414-2414.