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AISD Board of Trustees Approves Facility Master Plan

FMP provides foundation for future bond planning

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees formally adopted the proposed Facility Master Plan on Monday night, paving the way for modernizing AISD's schools and rebuilding its aging infrastructure. The document will shape the district's efforts to redefine the urban educational experience during the next 20 to 30 years.
A trustee-appointed committee of community volunteers, the Facilities and Bond Planning Advisory Committee-aided by AISD staff and independent experts-revised the FMP multiple times based on community input. There were four rounds of community engagement, allowing for significant feedback from the community along the way.
"These recommendations reflect a tremendous amount of effort and collaboration with community leaders from all over Austin," said FABPAC tri-chair Roxanne Evans. "With the many challenges facing the district, our focus continues to be on providing an equitable way forward in modernizing our learning spaces."
In development since 2015, the FMP is a blueprint for the future needs of AISD's 130 facilities. It will guide improvements and support planning for bond elections. Every dollar raised by bonds goes directly to district projects and is not subject to the state's "recapture" laws.
Highlights from the plan include:
  • New schools and Improvements: The FMP calls for the construction of four new schools to relieve overcrowding in southeast, southwest and northwest Austin, and one new middle school at Mueller to provide a comprehensive option for northeast Austin. Further, the FMP recommends three schools for replacement, 62 for full modernization, 38 for renovation and two for repurposing. 

  • Target Utilization Plans: The FMP recommends targeted efforts by communities and the district for underenrolled schools. These plans allow schools the opportunity to focus on increasing enrollment numbers. 

  • Critical needs: The FMP addresses areas of need during five time frames, allowing the most critical projects, both targeted and campuswide, to be addressed first.
The FMP is a living document that is revised every two years. Therefore, the FMP will be updated to respond to Austin's population and demographic shifts in the coming decades. 
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