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Statement: AISD Bans Student-led Game of 'Assassins' at All Schools

AUSTIN, Texas—The Austin Independent School District released the following statement from Edmund Oropez, associate superintendent for high schools, about banning student-organized games of “Assassins” at any AISD campus:

Upon learning that some seniors at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy planned to organize a local version of the role-playing game ‘Assassins,’ AISD ordered principals to ban any of these type of activities or games from occurring on campus—as we did as recently as three years ago when a similar incident occurred at another high school. We find these games to be inappropriate on campus, and AISD does not endorse or support such activities, which distract from teaching and learning and pose unnecessary security risks.

The student-led game at LASA involved eliminating participants by tagging them with markers, and seniors could participate on a voluntary basis. However, in some games of ‘Assassins’ played at other schools throughout the country, participants target players for elimination and ambush them with fake weapons such as toy guns and plastic light sabers or other objects. LASA students were planning to use only markers to tag students.

Although there is no evidence that any LASA student was in danger, the school district has banned the game at all of its campuses due to education and security concerns.