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AISD Adopts Plan to Reinvent the Urban School Experience

Plan lays out strategies through 2020

Austin ISD, one of the largest school districts in Texas, recently adopted its 2015-20 Strategic Plan.
The board adopted the framework for the plan June 22 and finalized a scorecard, which will be used for an annual report.
The plan will provide the district with direction for the next five years and position AISD to make continued progress into the future.
"When we all work together to implement the strategic plan, we can close achievement gaps. It is our goal to graduate all of our students on time and prepare them for college, career and life in a highly changing and competitive world," said Superintendent Paul Cruz. "I look forward to sharing my commitment to the expectations established in the strategic plan with all stakeholders of AISD."
The strategic plan consists of three principal parts:
  • The framework, developed and approved by the board of trustees, includes statements of mission, vision, core beliefs, commitments and values.
  • The scorecard, also developed and approved by the board, includes several performance indicators with reported data and targets. The scorecard indicators are grouped by the core beliefs, and are balanced among educational, community, staff and resource perspectives. A scorecard report will be provided annually, and will be made available on the strategic plan website.
  • The five-year implementation plan, developed by district administration, includes strategies and several key steps, grouped by the commitments. Status reports will be provided periodically, and will be made available on the strategic plan website.
The strategic plan will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains current and focused on the needs of the district.
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