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76 AISD Seniors Earn Recognition as National Scholars

Austin, TX—Austin Independent School District is home to 76 high school seniors who have earned national recognition for their exemplary performance in the National Merit Scholarship Program, the National Hispanic Recognition Program and the National Achievement Scholarship Program for 2012. The students are now eligible for scholarship awards from universities, colleges, and other grantors.

"We congratulate these students on earning this national-level recognition, and express our appreciation for the honor they have brought to their schools and to the Austin School District," said Meria Carstarphen, Austin ISD Superintendent. "We are firmly committed to offering a challenging program of student for all students so that they are well prepared for the next chapter of their lives, be it higher education or careers."

Austin ISD students recognized as National Scholars are:

Akins High School

National Hispanic Recognition Program - Julian Rivera

Anderson High School

National Merit Finalists – Kevin Bishop, Tiffany Chan, Sarah Clement, Derek Cornelius, Victoria Crank, Brett Leatherwood, Elizabeth McLean, Nadia Stoufflet, and Katie Young

National Hispanic Recognition Program – Amy Brooke, Mark Carrion, Victoria Crank, Katarina Grayson, Ilissa Saenz, Ariela Schnyer, and Riley Vickers

National Achievement Finalists – Jaimeson Hudspeth, Caitlyn Talbert, Jordan Wash, and Carrissa Weber

Austin High School

National Merit Finalists –Elizabeth A. Buehler and Nathaniel H. Fruchter

National Hispanic Recognition Program – Katelyn Alcantara, Christopher Bacak, Carlos Cruz, Alejandro Gutierrez, Catalina Lizarraga, Zachery Martinez, and Blanca Zamarron-Torres

Bowie High School

National Merit Finalists – Hannah E. Hill and Thomas S. Kim

National Merit Semifinalist – Joohwan Lee

National Achievement Finalist – Tara T. Mayberry

National Hispanic Recognition Program – Raven Alonzo, Brooke Evans, Carol Heiser, Jade Lawright, Hayley Lopez, Carol Pimentel, Camila Ramirez-Arau, Lisa Senecal, and Madison Tomasek

Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA)

National Merit Finalists – Carly Banner, Casey Chorens, Hanna Dornhofer, Sean Doyle, Gina Faldetta, David Freed, Bradley Girardeau, Kelsey Hicks, Tyler Jones, Calvin Ling, Calli Meyer, Richard Piersall, Samuel Porter, Kira Prentice, Wallis Robinson, Mark Sands, Sam Trejo, Christopher Wang, and Shenghao Wang

National Merit Semifinalists – Xavier Denis and Kevin C. Wang

National Achievement Finalists – Jaron Mackey and Anele Page

National Hispanic Recognition Program – Rueben Atkins, Casey Chorens, Cecily Foote, David Freed, Natalie Guajardo, Sarah Kuhns, Cesar Salgado, Ruth Sanchez, Ismael Sobek, Sam Trejo, Cristabella Trimble-Quiz, Marissa Wasmath, and Leonardo Zornberg

McCallum High School

National Merit Semifinalists – Paul V. Meunier

National Achievement Finalist – Makeda Robertson

National Hispanic Recognition Program – Zachary Aguilar, Nicolas Botero, Kyle Duncan, Sarah Garza, and Malena Villegas

Travis High School

National Achievement Finalist – Jason Gray

For more information, please contact the Department of Public Relations and Multicultural Outreach at 414-2414.