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Travis Hospitality Teacher To Serve Up CTE Wisdom at SXSWEdu

Travis Early College High School’s Jayma Vaughan will be taking the stage at this year’s SXSWEdu conference in March.

Vaughan is a fourth-generation public school teacher who has been teaching at Travis since 2001.

Principal Ty Davidson described her as “a game-changer for Career and Technical Education.”

Her session will offer advice and mentoring to other educators who want to learn more about maker education and creating authentic professional learning communities for those in the CTE field.

“My passion is in opening the world to all students through hands-on experiences, real-life responsibility and instilling the belief that we all have a starting point and unlimited potential when combined with a good work ethic,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan was named 2010 Travis High School Teacher of the Year and was the 2016 winner of the U.S. Department of Education CTE Makeover Contest, receiving more than $20,000 to create a makerspace that was later featured on the Adam Savage series “Tested.”

Vaughan’s SXSWEdu session is at 2 p.m. March 11 in Room 11AB at the Austin Convention Center.

February is National CTE Month. To learn more about the district's middle school and high school CTE programs, please visit AISD CTE online