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Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4–8; Thank a Teacher with Timely Tips

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4–8. AISD’s recognition will continue throughout the month—and includes Salute on Tuesday, May 19, at the AISD Performing Arts Center.

This is a wonderful opportunity for school communities to celebrate AISD’s more than 6,300 classroom teachers—and how they make a difference in the lives of Austin’s children.

Promote Teachers: Sample Messages

Profile and promote your teachers. Share information about the roles teachers play at school and throughout their communities. Post messages on school marquees, in newsletters and on campus websites and social media channels.

  • Every day, teachers touch the lives of students, parents and communities.
  • AISD has the most experienced teachers in Austin.
  • AISD has 242 national board-certified teachers—more than any school district in Texas.
  • AISD teachers provide a high-quality education that prepares all students for college, career and life.
  • Teachers have helped AISD’s graduation rates reach an all-time high.
  • Teachers serve as scholars, listeners, role models, motivators and mentors.
  • Teachers inspire students to achieve their greatest potential.
  • Every teacher’s influence continues long after a student’s school days are memories.

Social Media

Post stories, photos and messages on schools' social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Please use the #ThankATeacher and #AISDProud hashtags to increase cross-promotional opportunities among AISD schools, partners and communities. Add the #ThankATeacher sign to your posts.

Recent News

AISD Names 2015 Teachers of the Year:

Board of Trustees Recognize National Board-certified Teachers:


Simple Ways to Recognize Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week provides a fantastic opportunity for schools to work closely with PTAs and community organizations to celebrate teachers. AISD, the National PTA and National Education Association offer helpful suggestions for school-based appreciation activities and events.

Tips for parents and community members:

  • Show your gratitude. Publicly thank your favorite teacher by sending them a shout out. Read and share what others have written.
  • Share your favorite teacher story. We all have at least one teacher we remember because he or she inspired us, made learning fun, or expressed a genuine interest in our lives. To help shine a spotlight on teaching, we invite you to share your most inspiring or heartwarming story about a teacher who changed your (or your child’s) life. Post them on your website and social media channels, include them in your newsletters, etc.
  • Bring a teacher’s idea to life. The nonprofit website helps teachers fund their projects.
  • Redecorate the teachers’ lounge. The teachers’ lounge is a place for teachers to eat lunch, meet with colleagues or simply take a break. Sprucing up the teachers’ lounge is a real and lasting way to show your appreciation.
  • Give a gift. Partner with your child's PTA to organize giving gifts to teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Small gifts such as apples, plants, stickers, bookmarks, key chains are some ideas to start. How about stacking tea lights together and wrapping them in tissue paper? Twist the tissue paper at each end to resemble a package of Lifesavers.
  • Send flowers. Send a bouquet of flowers to the teachers' break room at your school.
  • Write a note. Showing appreciation does not have to cost money. A parent can provide a note listing the top five or 10 reasons they like the teacher. They can share a specific story of a time the teacher helped their child in school. Teachers love to hear a parent's perspective on how they inspire and help students achieve goals and overcome obstacles.

Tips for schools:

  • Write a shout out or note. Publicly thank your favorite teacher by sending them a shout out, or read what others have written. Give your teachers heart-felt, thank-you cards or Bravo! Cards and tell others about this quick and easy way to recognize teachers.
  • Do something special. Examples:
    • fill the teachers’ lounge with flowers, snacks and gourmet coffees
    • bring each teacher an apple
    • write them a note or letter of appreciation
    • give them supplies for their class or
    • clean their room.
  • Post the names of your teachers. Display the names of your teachers on the school marquee and honor them in your campus newsletter bulletin.
  • Create a festive environment. Decorate the hallways of your school with teacher-appreciation-themed pictures and banners. Play music during school announcements.
  • Coordinate campus communications. Encourage students, team members and parents to write poems, letters or notes of appreciation. Leave them in teachers’ mailboxes or set up a table during lunch where students can write thank-you notes to their favorite teachers.
  • Organize a school community event. Organize a surprise pep rally and invite parents and students to perform songs and skits in honor of teachers.
  • Create relaxation time. Set up a lunch-time “relaxation and rejuvenation spa,” where teachers are treated to massages or plan an end-of-the-day stress relief game with refreshments.
  • Display a banner. Promote Teacher Appreciation Week throughout your school by displaying a poster or banner in the front office, hallways and library.
  • Encourage students to create signs and take photos. Invite students in each class create their own posters thanking their teacher. Take a picture of each student holding his or her sign. Then, put together small photo albums of the thank-you messages for the teachers.
  • Create a school newsletter. Have students publish a special teacher appreciation newspaper, featuring articles and photos about teachers. Each student can profile a teacher—conducting interviews, writing stories and taking photos.

Teacher Appreciation Week Resources

The following websites will be helpful in planning events, activities and publicity for your school's Teacher Appreciation Week celebration:

Quotes About Teaching and Learning

The following websites might be helpful in finding quotable sayings on education, teaching and learning:

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