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Symphony of SXSW: Bedichek Orchestra Receives $22K in Musical Instruments from Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, StubHub

A surprise donation turned into a symphony when Bedichek Middle School was chosen as the recipient of 13 new musical instruments from Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation during the annual SXSW festival.

The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, in partnership with StubHub, donated $22,851 worth of instruments to Bedichek and invited the students, directed by Samantha Stewart, to perform at Bangers on Rainey Street.

The donation included seven violas, two cellos, one euphonium, one trombone, one tuba and five violin bows. 

The donation—part of a $3 million, three-year initiative by StubHub and Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation— is dedicated to bringing musical instruments into classrooms throughout the country.

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