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Rosedale School Celebrates Six Graduates

Six students received their diplomas today from the Rosedale School, including four who will be employed after graduation.

In an emotional ceremony, Principal Elizabeth Dickey highlighted the achievements of each graduate—the life skills each had learned and the hard work from students and families that was necessary for each student to graduate.

She also talked about the new program that helped prepare the students for after graduation, Transition to Living in the Community. Through the program, students had internships and learned to take the bus to their jobs, among other life skills.

Most students had a family member or teacher speak on their behalf, including the sister of one graduate who said that if her brother could talk, he would say that Rosedale was the place where he felt like a person and not a troublemaker.

"Only a few people have understood me. They are at Rosedale," she said for her brother.

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