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Nominations for Gifted and Talented and Parent Lecture Series

The district’s Department of Advanced Academic Services is pleased to announce that nominations for gifted and talented elementary-level students are being accepted and will continue through the end of January. Interested parents and guardians should contact their school’s GT Advocate for campus deadline and assistance with completing the nomination process.

Campus GT Advocates are listed at

GT screening and testing requires parent/guardian permission by the campus deadline. A variety of measures are used for screening and testing including assessments for bilingual students. For more information about the AISD gifted program, please visit the AISD web site at call 512-414-9986.

This semester, the department of Advanced Academic Services will present a Spring GT Parent Lecture Series. Each of the lectures is free and registration is not required. The dialogues will include: “Exploring Advanced Academic Options,” “Understanding Asynchronous Development in the Gifted” and “Social and Emotional Dimensions in Gifted Children.” For more information on the series please visit the Austin ISD calendar.