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Austin ISD Welcomes ADA Legacy Tour

Archer Hadley, an Austin ISD student who champions increasing accessibility for people with disabilities, joined Superintendent Paul Cruz to welcome the ADA Legacy Tour Monday, March 2, to Austin High School.

The Road to Freedom ADA Bus tour is traveling throughout the United States to raise awareness and build excitement about ADA25, the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990.

The Austin portion of the national tour included stops at Austin High School, Pease Elementary School, Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center, Capital Metro and Disability Rights Texas.

Hadley said, "The ADA’s legacy bus is a moving symbol for all Americans. It's amazing.”

Earlier this year, Hadley led the ALL ACCESS campaign, which raised more than $82,000 to install automatic doors at Austin High School.

With overwhelming support from the community, Hadley more than doubled his fundraising goal. The additional funds will support other projects to increase accessibility on the campus.