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AISD Honors Best-Cleaned Schools

St. Elmo Elementary School

Earlier this month, Austin ISD housekeeping specialists congratulated four of the district's elementary, middle and high schools for being some of the cleanest and best-maintained facilities in the district for 2011-12.

Travis High School, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Baldwin Elementary School and St. Elmo Elementary School were each recognized for their squeaky clean facilities.

Supervisor of Housekeeping Sam Packham, along with other housekeeping specialists, presented the recognized schools with a certificate and made a $500 contribution toward the purchase of new custodial equipment for the campuses. This was the first year the district officially honored schools in this capacity for their achievements in cleanliness.

Packham said there are both environmental and safety components associated with keeping a clean facility and he hopes the recognition will spur competition among school custodial staff to continue to maintain clean facilities.

"When kids see how clean their school is, it makes them care more about their environment," Packham said. "You will see attendance go up because students will want to be spending more time in their schools."