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2018 Graduation Season Begins With Eight Rosedale Students

Rosedale School graduate cheers after receiving his diploma

Austin ISD’s 2018 graduation season began with an emotional ceremony this afternoon, when eight Rosedale School students earned their diplomas.

Friends and families with balloons filled the room, and Principal Elizabeth Dickey addressed the graduates. 

“Each of you has been a teacher to us. Your efforts to learn more and achieve more than we ever knew you could, show us that we all can do hard things,” she said. “You have taught us how to belong to each other in so many special ways.”

The Rosedale choir led the crowd in the school song, which included the chorus:

"Rosedale Proud. We rise up.
"Rosedale Proud. Stand beside us.
"Rosedale Proud. It’s independence.
"Rosedale Proud. Our time is now."

Austin ISD Board President Geronimo Rodriguez thanked the families and friends of graduates for their support of the school and the students. 

“And I want to tell the students, we are rising with you. We stand beside you,” he said.

Family members spoke in English and Spanish on behalf of each graduate.

Norma, the mother of Elijah Gero, talked about the great strides her son had made during his time at the school.

“This is the best decision that we have ever made,” she said. “Elijah coming to Rosedale has given him the opportunity to become very independent on things we never even thought would be possible for him.”

Zeke Juarez-Marerro’s sister described her younger brother as loving and amazing.

“Being Zeke’s big sister has been my greatest honor,” she said. “There is no [greater] accomplishment that I can do, because being his sister is the best thing that I can do. He’s truly an amazing person.”

The father of Robby Morse, a Rosedale student for nearly 15 years, addressed the families at the ceremony about the far-reaching effect of having a child at the school.

“You know what I mean when I say that your life was improved because your child, your brother, your sister was here,” he said. “This is a place of love and comfort, a place of safety and compassion. As we walk out the door today for the last time, we’re going to take with us those beautiful things that have happened to Robby.

“What I think Robby’s going to take—a smile… and a dream, of his very favorite place in the world.”

Congratulation to all the Rosedale graduates, their families, friends and supporters!