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FAFSA help text is available for every question on the FAFSA application. 

If a student is filling it out at certain times of day (usually Monday-Friday between 8am and 8pm Eastern time; sometimes Saturday and even Sunday hours as well), he or she can get help via live chat within the application or by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-4-FED-AID. 

Information on filling out the FAFSA is at   This website section of site talks about why do the FAFSA, when to do it, how to tell if you need to report your parents’ information, which parent’s information to report if they’re not together, how to get your tax info automatically applied to your FAFSA, etc. channel has short, simple videos about the FAFSA, as well. 

Federal Student Aid’s Outreach Team recently presented a couple of webinars on filling out the FAFSA. The most recent one is posted here: 

Counselors may do some self-training and find other useful resources for helping students at

if students need hands-on help with the FAFSA, possibly go to  (This is not a government program.  I am not endorsing it, but offering it as another possibility.) 

SOLUTION for Students with NO Internet Access to complete FAFSA:

  • Students can fill out a FAFSA by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID and explaining that they don’t have Internet access. The customer service representative at the toll-free number will get the answers from the student and prep the FAFSA for them.
  • We have some print publications about financial aid available for order at We don’t have a comprehensive print publication that explains the FAFSA, but a student or counselor can print out the PDF of Completing the FAFSA at