The Mentoring Advisory Council is charged with the following: 

  1. explore and pursue the creation and implementation of a data sharing system between the City, County, and District;
  2. create and implement a system based on broad community support for mentor recruitment;
  3. define program quality standards;
  4. explore and pursue funding models that ensure providers have the capacity to scale services to meet the depth of existing and future need;
  5. pursue collaborative grants and private gifts to the extent possible to offset the need for local funding;
  6. facilitate access to schools on behalf of service providers; and
  7. operate under the auspice of the Joint Subcommittees of the City of Austin, Travis County and Austin ISD, with at least one report annually to the Joint Subcommittees that can be shared with the members of each member's governing entity and other reporting requirements as may be agreed to in the Contract.