2014 Facility Master Plan

FY2016 AISD Revised Budget

Summer 2015 Bond Program Report

Advancing Energy Management at the Austin Independent School District  (Environmental Defense Fund, Climate Corps study, 2015)

Community Committee on Neighborhoods and Schools (2008)

Retaining Families and Strengthening Schools in Central Austin (The School and Family Working Group, 2014)

Reversing the Cycle of Deterioration in the Nation's Public School Buildings (Council of Great City Schools, 2014)

AISD Fact Sheet, School Year 2015 -16 (November 2015)

AISD Demographic Update (December 2015)

AISD Board Presentation Summary- Demographic Update (January 2016)

AISD: Organizations and Events Suggested for Community Engagement Activities (draft August 8, 2016)





Percent of Permanent Capacity by Enrollment SY 12-13 through SY 15-16

AISD Vertical Teams and Signature Program SY 2015 -16

Transfer Rationale School Year 2015-16 (Oct 2015)

Enrollment by School Compared to Preceding Years (Oct 2015)

Enrollment by School by Grade School Year 2015 -16  (Oct 2015)

Texas School District Bond Election Results (Raymond James, Nov 2015)



Austin ISD Facility Locations

Charter Schools in the Austin area

Central Texas School District Bond Elections Map



The Path to a Sustainable Foundation for Facilities Management in Education (Council of Great City Schools)

AISD Enrollment History by Vertical Team (AISD, Wilson, Nov 19, 2015) 



Getting to Know AISD and Facility/Bond Planning (Worksheet, Oct 2015)