On October 5, 2013, the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC) held an Environmental Stewardship Conference at Small Middle School, in collaboration with the Small Middle School Green Fest.

Paul Turner, AISD Executive Director of Facilities, opened the conference with an explanation of the role of the ESAC in supporting the sustainability policy adopted by the AISD Board of Trustees. Dr. Lawrence Fryer, AISD Chief Operating Officer, led those in attendance in signing the Environmental Sustainability Pledge as a symbol of their commitment to practicing environmental sustainability at their schools, workplaces, and homes. Lucia Athens, City of Austin Chief Sustainability Officer, provided the keynote address on "Operating Principles for a Bright Green Future."

Following the keynote address, workshops were held about the following topics:

Signing the Enviromental Sustainability Pledge    Enviromental Sustainability Pledge    Kris Hafezi, Paul Turner    Checking in