The AISD Dyslexia Support Committee (DSC) is a long standing committee of over 15 years composed of teachers, principals, business representatives, community representatives, and parents of students who receive special education services.The purpose of DSC is to assist AISD administration, parents, and Board of Trustees to support students with special needs. 

Dyslexia Support Committee Members 2018–19

Dr. Sharon Vaughn, UT Representative

Barbara Chiles, Parent

Robbi Cooper, Parent

Terra Lynch, Parent, Community Representative

Dulce Hernandez, Parent

Katie McEuen, Teacher

Daphne Corter, Parent

Braley Clark, Secondary Principal

Melissa Minor, RTI/MTSS

Megan Counihan, Elementary Principal

Leandra Trevino, 504 Assistant Director

Emmaleigh Toto, Teacher

Dr. Mary Bach, Community Representative

Clee Upchurch, Parent

Chad Ouellette, Assistant Director, Special Education

How can I become a member?

To apply for membership, fill out the standard membership application that is provided in the District Advisory Bodies section.