The purpose of the Boundary Advisory Committee (BAC) is to assist in developing recommendations for the creation of, and adjustment to, school attendance zone boundaries.  

To accomplish its purpose, the BAC shall advise the Superintendent, who will develop a recommendation to the Board on the following boundary-related activities which may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing the criteria for evaluating boundary proposals
  2. Creating attendance zones for new school facilities.
  3. Reviewing and advising the administration on the development of facility-related contingency plans due to school performance issues.
  4. Repurposing or consolidation of existing school facilities.
  5. Providing advisory input, as appropriate, during the preparation and the annual review of the Facility Master Plan with the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent.
  6. Planning and conducting stakeholder engagement activities, and gathering and assessing stakeholder input.
  7. Providing progress reports and formal recommendations to the Superintendent
  8. Completing other projects as assigned by the Superintendent.

Principles of the Boundary Advisory Committee

(adopted May 12, 2015)

WE WILL OPERATE under the responsibilities set forth in the bylaws.

WE WILL WORK TOGETHER as a committee to ensure our recommendations reflect what is best for all students and recognize all school communities have equal worth and value.

WE WILL LISTEN to the contribution of every member.  

WE WILL BE RESPECTFUL of all members, even when they have a different opinion;  we will express disagreement with ideas, not individuals.  

WE WILL BE GUIDED by facts and data, not by assumptions or rumors, in decision-making.

WE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for examining all points of view before a consensus is accepted; and will support the decision once consensus is reached.

Contact Information

Melissa Laursen, AICP
Manager of Planning Services

Office of Facilities–AISD
Carruth Administration Center
1111 W. 6th St., Suite B-320
Austin, TX 78703-5338
Office: 512-414-8942
Fax: 512-414-4009