GT Parent Corner

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Austin ISD screens students in grades K-12 based on nominations received and permission to test. The calendar below shows the nomination window for specific grade bands and screening activities to be conducted at the campus by the campus GT Advocate. The first step in the process is to complete the Checklist for Parents and turn it in to the campus GT Advocate at your child's school during the nomination window for your child's grade level. Campus GT Advocates are not required to accept these forms for your child's grade level before the nomination window opens or after the nomination window closes.

GATE Assessment Calendar 2019–20

Assessment Process Grades 3–5  Grades K-2 & 6–12

Student GT Referral Window
Notify parents and campus staff and collect student name

September 9 –20 November 4–15

Review Talent Explore students for GT Referrals
Select Talent Explore students to refer for GT Referral

September 9 –20 November 4 –15

Parent Permission to Test
Send home/collect Parent Observation Form with permission to test

September 23–27 December 2–13

CogAT Orders and Set-Up
Submit online test order; tests will be loaded in system within 48 hour

September 30–October 14 December 9 –January 10

Online Testing
Administer Online CogAT to students with parent permission

October 14–November 8 January 13–February 14

Teacher Observation of Students
Teacher Observation Form; support student Voice/Choice or Common Assessments

October 14–November 8 January 13–February 14

Campus Decision-Making Committee Meetings
Review assessments and make GT and TE placement decisions

November 11–December 5 February 18–28
Services Begin for Newly Identified GT and TE Students
Date entered into TEAMS/PEIMS for beginning of services
December 1 March 1

Parent Notification Letters
Parents notified in writing no later than this date

December 6 March 2
Input GT and TE Student Profiles into TEAMS
Completed by the principal-designated contact on campus 

December 19

March 13

Debi Torres, Elementary Gifted Education Coordinator:, 512-414-0155
Victoria Kelly, Secondary Gifted Education Coordinator:, 512-414-2031
Delaine Canales, Advanced Academics Data Processor:, 512-414-0139