To empower students to become productive members of the global community through the implementation of a rigorous, authentic curriculum which leads to successful, lifelong communication in a second language, as well as a deep understanding of the culture being studied.


Belief Statements

We strongly believe that the benefits of learning a second language and the culture associated with that language include, but are not limited to:

  • an increase in the student's global awareness and understanding,
  • more opportunities in the marketplace as more employers are seeking bilingual candidates,
  • improved literacy in the native language as students develop their linguistic ability,
  • better preparation for college and universities who may require foreign language experience,
  • and greater access to appreciate the arts such as literature, film, music and fine arts.






 For freshmen beginning in SY 2014-2015:


  • Foundations High School Program  
    • Specifically states two levels of the same language are required to graduate.
    • Flexibility is provided for level II.  Please refer to district policy.
  • Endorsement in World Languages  
    • Specifically states four levels of the same language are required for this endorsement.
    • Flexibility is provided in that students can complete two years of one language and two years of another language. 


For rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in SY 2014-2015 who opt to stay with the former graduation plans:

  • TAC §74.63 Recommended High School Program   
    • Specifically states two levels of the same language are required to graduate.
  • TAC §74.64 Distinguished Achievement Program   
    • Specifically states three levels of the same language are required to graduate.
***A student cannot combine different levels from different languages to meet the requirement.


Academic Support

We have an excellent group of dedicated teachers who are committed to providing the highest quality 21st century foreign language education, based on curriculum that is relevant and meaningful, and aligned with the state and national standards.