Today, technology is within all of our reach through mobile phones, tablets and other devices. In addition to being safe in our physical world, we also need to be concerned about ‘Cyber Safety’ or ‘Digital Safety’.

Cyber Safety is one of our primary concerns in AISD.  We believe that students should have access to technology resources.  Having that access, students need to understand how to be good digital citizens and use resources to enhance learning.  Find out more about Digital Citizenship and other tips on how to be safe on our Cyber Safety for Students page.

Our staff is expected to show digital citizenship just as much as our students. Every year they sign an 'Acceptable Use Policy' (AUP), a promise they will live by the rules of safe online behavior. Because the safety of your student comes first, the AISD Technology Department is not only training all staff on Cyber Safety Awareness and Response, but your student will also receive a lesson on this topic. Among other things, Cyber Bullying and Predators will be addressed. To learn more about AISD Policies and what is in place for your child's protection, please visit the Cyber Safety for Parents page.

You and your family can also be pro-active by talking to each other about this topic. The Technology website has a wealth of resources for you to review with your student. Go to the  Cyber Safety for Students and  Cyber Safety for Parents pages to find out more.