Professional Development Units (PDUs) are an optional component of REACH, where self-selected teams develop a professional development plan based on the needs of both teachers in the group and the students they teach, and then document the application and impact of their PD on teaching and learning in the classroom. 

PDUs are designed to be a rigorous long-term study, in which teachers utilize a repeating cycle of engagement in PD/research, implementation in the classroom, data collection and evaluation. PDUs culminate in a presentation at the end of the year, where all team members will summarize the process and results. Team members must be willing to work closely together and devote time in and out of the classroom in order to successfully complete the process and earn the $1,500 stipend.

PDUs come in two varieties:

  1. Self-selected teams who follow the process outlined below
  2. Teams or individuals who complete Take One!. Take One! is a unique offering from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards where teachers prepare and submit one pre-selected video portfolio entry from one of the current certificate areas of National Board Certification. For more information, please see the REACH Take One! FAQ document.

PDU Resources:

Important Dates

Aug. 19 - PDU Online Application Available

Sep. 19 - Online Team PDU Application Due

May 2015 - Campus PDU Presentations

For questions about PDUs, please contact:

Trish Jarrott, Senior Associate for Student Learning and Assessment
Phone: (512) 414-9590, Email:

Take One!

Take One! is a unique offering from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards®  (NBPTS) that provides a standards-based approach for improving teaching practice and links student learning to effective instruction. Teachers prepare and submit one pre-selected component entry from any of the current certificate areas of National Board Certification. The entry will be scored in accordance with the deadlines and policies of the current NBPTS assessment program. When completing Take One! as a REACH PDU, teachers are placed into small cohorts led by a Nationally Board certified teacher, who will guide you through the process.

General Information:

  • The National Board Take One! fee of $475  will be waived for the first 60 Take One! PDU applicants. Take One! participants are required to pay a non-refundable $75 registration fee to National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)​. Take One! participants who receive an accomplished score from NBPTS will receive the $1500 REACH Take One! PDU in January 2015. (NB cut score typically received by first week of December)
  • A staff member at a REACH school who chooses to participate in Take One! must meet the following National Board (NB) eligibility requirements: hold a bachelor's degree, have completed three full years of teaching or school counseling, or possess a valid teaching or school counseling license.​
  • All Take One! PDUs will complete the Differentiation in Instruction component for the portfolio entry. For more information about the component and to help you choose the appropriate certificate, please visit the NBPTS website:  Enter the certificate and portfolio entry  for your Take One! title in the application.
  • Take One! submissions must be completed by September 12 to coordinate grouping and placement of facilitators.  Take One! candidates have a required National Board Foundations meeting on Saturday, September 20 from 8:30-3:30 at Baker Center.

Learn more about Take One!

For questions about Take One!, please contact:

Mary Tijerina, Professional Learning Specialist
Phhone: (512) 414-9560, Email: