Dear Colleagues:


After eight years, Austin ISD and Education Austin want to thank you for your dedication and feedback throughout the many iterations of the AISD REACH program.  The REACH program has provided an innovative environment to test new practices and study the impact on both student achievement and teacher perceptions.  Through the final years, the district has developed a leadership team and working group to study the elements of the program that will be the best investments to include in a new human capital system through Professional Pathways for Teachers.  Your thoughtful feedback and willingness to try new practices and structures in an effort to improve student achievement have been instrumental in guiding this work forward, and we are excited about the promise of the future with a new system.

AISD REACH has served as a national model for many states and districts in how to develop Student Learning Objectives, how to incorporate measures of student growth into appraisal, and how districts and professional organizations can collaborate effectively to develop a program.  Teachers and administrators from all over the country are impressed with the job that you have done in the REACH program, and they continue to use your work as a model for how to improve their own systems.

 As we draw to a close, we would like to share some highlights from the lessons learned from your work and feedback provided in the infographic that is attached.  We are grateful for the time and effort you dedicated to the program and hope that you and your students will continue to benefit from the best practices learned through this process.



Michael Houser              Ken Zarifis                         Kimiko Krekel                        Joann Taylor

Chief Human                 President,                          Executive Director                  Director

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