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This webpage provides detailed information about current employee benefits programs. All AISD employees were required to re-enroll in their benefits during AISD's open enrollment period July 1 through Aug. 1. Log in to the AISD Cloud to learn about your current benefits and update your contact information, so AISD can reach you in the event of important updates to your benefts. To learn more about your benefits, please log into the AISD Benefits Portal or view the AISD Benefits Guide.

Medical Plans

AISD has tried to protect employees from rising healthcare costs by putting $5.4 million in funds toward employee benefits last year. Unfortunately, rising healthcare costs and new federal health plan changes required the district to increase the rates for its most expensive plan, the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO 1 plan. In 2013-14, the monthly employee contribution rates increased by $71 for the monthly plan. 

Despite the increase in the PPO1 plan, AISD’s benefits are still significantly cheaper than surrounding districts and the plan remains the same as last year. AISD also contributes $446.25 per month per employee—more than many other surrounding districts—in order to help reduce health costs for its employees.

Read about these changes in Spanish and view an informational flier

View the new 2013 rates for PPO1.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Choice (PPO)
Customer Service:
8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST

In 2013-14, employees in this plan will still receive:

  • Annual physicals
  • Emergency care
  • Maternity care, and well-woman and well-child care
  • Hospital and surgical care
  • Lab tests and x-rays
  • Behavioral health and chemical dependency treatments
  • And have access to a 24-hour nurse hotline 

PPO 2 and PPO3

Employee contributions for the remaining medical plans are the same in 2013-14. Both PPO2 and PPO3 plans are at NO COST to employees for employee-only coverage.

PPO2 and PPO3 provide the same comprehensive medical coverage as PPO1 with a slightly higher deductible and out of pocket maximum. Currently, employees on the PPO1 (employee-only coverage plan) pay $648 a year on premiums with no deductible. 

Employees who participate in the PPO2 (employee-only coverage plan) pay no premiums throughout the year with a $500 deductible, if they use services beyond a regular specialist or physician visit. The difference in the two plan’s copay when visiting a physician In-Network is only $5.

PPO 1 cost per visit is $20. PPO2 cost per visit is $25. All plans cover preventative services at 100%, if done In-Network. For employees enrolled in the PPO3 plan, AISD will continue to contribute $148.37 per month ($1,780.44 annually) into their personal Health Savings Account to help offset the plan’s higher deductible of $1,500 (in-Network). AISD will also be offering a variety of new coverage options, including accident and critical illness plans, which were not available previously. When used in combination with the health plans, these alternate coverage plans will help compensate for the deductibles and services not covered at 100%.

View the new 2013 rates for PPO2 and PPO3.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Choice (PPO)
Customer Service:
8:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST

Vision plans 

AISD has also selected a new vision provider, the Block Vision Platinum Plan. Monthly vision rates decreased slightly, depending on the plan you selected for 2013-14. Despite the reduction in costs, employees will still enjoy several new benefits, such as:

  • An annual frame allowance—Currently, employees covered under AISD’s Eyemed vision plan only receive a frame allowance every other year.
  • $200 toward Lasik surgery
  • and $140 annually to go toward contact lenses. Under AISD’s current plan, employees only receive $100 annually.   

View the new 2013 vision rates. 

Dental Plans

AISD’s dental plans remained the same in 2013-14, but monthly rates increased slightly, dependent upon which plan you enrolled in for 2-13-14.  AISD will continue to contribute $7.65 per month to help employees defer the costs of premiums. 

View the new 2013 dental rates.

Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Coverage

A new provider, Metropolitan Life, is providing group life, supplemental life plans, AD&D and short-term disability insurance coverage for 2013-14. Rates remained the same under the new Met Life coverage plans, and employees will be able to more conveniently file claims by phone instead of paper forms. 

Please note: All contacts for enrollment or enrollment changes MUST be handled through the AISD Employee Benefits Office. All enrollment or enrollment changes MUST be completed within 31 days of a qualifying event. Qualifying events include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death, change in employment status for you, your spouse or dependents effecting eligibility requirements or change in eligibility status of a dependent.

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