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Ensuring No American Indian and Alaska Native Child is Left Behind

Have a Title VII - 506 Form?

Please send it to:
Austin ISD/American Indian Education Program
3908 Avenue B, Baker Center, Rm. 205
Austin, TX 78751

2015 Title VII Public Hearings

The final public hearing is this Thursday in Leander.  If you have not had a chance to attend any other of the hearings, please join me.

Public/Parents/Students/School District Personnel invited to meet with the American Indian Education Program (AIEP) Coordinator, Diane Tigges on how AIEP can better academically support their students. Be informed about your AIEP program! Come join us. Members of the Native American Parent Committee (NAPC) will be at each meeting. The Austin ISD, Round Rock ISD and Bastrop ISD hearing have already occurred.

Thursday, May 14, 2015 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Leander ISD/ Support Services Bldg.
1900 Cougar Country Drive, Cedar Park, Tx 78613

For more information, contact the AIEP office at (512) 414-0159 or email Diane Tigges at

Public Hearing Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. Slideshow presentation
  3. 2015-2016 Planning
  4. Election of 2015-2016 Parent Committee members
  5. ​Adjournment

If you cannot attend the Hearing, please complete the Needs Assessment at

The mission of the Office of Indian Education is to support the efforts of local educational agencies, Indian tribes and organizations, postsecondary institutions, and other entities to meet the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives so that these students can achieve to the same challenging state standards as all students.

The No Child Left Behind Act amends the Indian education programs as Title VII, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This landmark in education reform embodies four key principles: stronger accountability for results; greater flexibility in the use of federal funds; more choices for parents of children from disadvantaged backgrounds; and an emphasis on research-based instruction that works.

The Central Texas First Nations Education Consortium consists of five school districts, Austin ISD (Lead Education Agency), Bastrop ISD, Leander ISD, Liberty Hill ISD and Round Rock ISD.  Austin ISD is the Lead Education Agency which means that they receive and maintain all funding received for the Title VII grant. The basic goal of the program is to academically support American Indian/Alaska Native students from PK-12.  This support can be in the form of workshops, tutoring and special academic events.

How are needs identified? 

  • Survey of parents, teachers and secondary Native students
  • A review of testing and attendance data
  • Community input
  • An analysis of the previous year's program 

How is Title VII funded?

Fully completed ED 506 forms help generate funds to provide supplemental services to Alaska Native/American Indian students enrolled in grades PK-12 within Austin ISD (Lead Education Agency), Bastrop ISD, Leander ISD, Liberty Hill ISD or Round Rock ISD. The ED 506 form is a federal form that certifies student eligibility for the Title VII Indian Education Program. If you, your child or his/her grandparent are an enrolled member of an American Indian Tribe or Alaska Native tribe, then your child may be eligible to be enrolled in the Title VII, American Indian Education Program.

The Title VII Program applies for a Formula Grant Electronic Application System for Indian Education (Formula Grant EASIE) each fiscal year. The process involves two parts: Part IA, a student count which opens in January and closes in February; and Part IIA, program development which opens in April and closes in May. Throughout the grant process public forums are held for the community to give suggestions for the Title VII Program. Comments are always welcome on the AIEP website if parents/students cannot attend the hearings.

What services are provided by the Title VII Program? 

  1. Academic tutoring
  2. Cultural books
  3. Cultural enrichment activities
  4. College preparation and career assistance
  5. Scholarship information 

How can parents become involved? 

Join the Native American Parent Advisory Committee. Members include parents of Native students, teachers, and Native secondary students. The committee meets quarterly 6:00 p.m. at Great Promise for American Indians, 3710 Cedar Street, Cafeteria, Austin, Tx 78705 to offer assistance and recommendations with respect to the program. For more information on the Native American Parent Advisory Committee meetings and locations, please call the AIEP office at (512) 414-0159. 

What's in the future? 

The collection of 506 forms is an ongoing effort. With the collection of higher numbers of 506 forms we can staff additional schools and continue to provide academic and cultural support. The Title VII, Indian Education Program will continue to assist Alaska Native and American Indian students in achieving and exceeding Texas state standards.

Cultural Night

A partnership with Great Promise for American Indians gives families an opportunity to connect with other American Indian families in the community and learn about history, culture, science, art & more. For more information, please see, or call Lois Jebo-Duncan, Executive Director at (512) 371-0628.

Tutoring Available

Free tutoring available. Please see the “Tutoring” link for more information or contact the AIEP office at (512) 414-0159.

Resources, Curricula and More!

Native American movies and books are available for check-out to AIEP families and Consortium teachers by appointment. You can view this information under the “Teacher Resources” link.

Annual Events

Annual Austin Powwow is the largest one-day Powwow in the Nation. Students and parents can volunteer or just attend this spectacular event held at the AISD Toney Burger Center. The Powwow is always held the first Saturday annually in November. For more information on the Powwow please contact Austin Powwow organizers Great Promise for American Indians at (512) 371-0628.

Summer programs are held if funding allows, events are communicated to students and families and on the AIEP website.

We Value Your Input

We are here to support your children and their educational success. Please feel free to contact the program coordinator if you have any questions or concerns regarding your children’s academic or cultural needs. Your input is valued and important. Comments can also be submitted online on the AIEP website.

Diane Tigges, MBA
Program Coordinator
Austin ISD / Baker Center
3908 Avenue B, Rm. 205
Austin, Tx 78751

Office: 512-414-0159

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the program?

All Federally and State Recognized American Indian and Alaskan Native students enrolled in Austin ISD, Bastrop ISD, Leander ISD, Liberty Hill ISD or Round Rock ISD public schools are eligible to participate in the Indian Education Program once an ED 506 form is fully completed and turned in to the AIEP office. Federally Recognized and State Recognized lists are located under the "506 Form" link.

What is a 506 form?

The ED 506 form is an official, federal document from the Office of Indian Education used to enroll students in the Indian Education Program. Each form is dated, so you much fill out the current form, the current dated form expires 5/3/2016. Directions on filling out the form is located under the "506 form" link.

What if my membership or enrollment number is not readily available to prove membership?

The following “Other” evidence can be submitted: 

  1. Written certification by a tribal official that the individual claiming membership is an enrolled tribal member.
  2. Evidence accepted by the Department of Interior, such as a certifi​cate of Indian blood.

Why should I fill out a 506 form?

Every completed 506 form helps support the Indian Education Program in meeting the unique academic and cultural needs of American Indian/Alaskan Native students in the district. Each year the program’s funding is determined by the number of valid 506 forms submitted. You only need to fill out this form once, just be sure to keep your contact information updated with the AIEP office.

Get Involved—Join NAPAC!

The Native American Parent Advisory Committee (NAPAC) is a comprised of parents, students, teachers and community members that help determine the Indian Education Program’s goals and advises on the distribution of funds for the program services provided. Please call for details about when the meetings are scheduled.